McAfee Activate – Activate your McAfee online with your valid 25 digit product key code at activate. If you need help with your McAfee Activation please Contact us and will guide you with how to complete your product registration online. We also provide support for complete McAfee Setup & Installation if required.

Support For McAfee Activate – Step by Step at activate

How to install McAfee with Activation code? First, you need your 25 Digit activation code handy for you. then if you have Security Retail Card that is currently a most popular way to install McAfee. then there must be an activation code and web address activate printed on the back of your Retail Card. Now you need to follow that activation link by the instruction provided. And if you have a CD of your security product then insert it into your CD or DVD drive. Now, wait for it to autostart and if it doesn’t automatically open for you then manually go into your CD/DVD drive and run the setup or installation file.

Is Your 25 Digit Product Activation Code Successfully Redeemed?

mcafee activate



First of all, you have to make sure that the 25 digit McAfee product activation key code is valid or not. To confirm this you need to open the web address activate and enter the code there. By following on-screen instruction if you see the message like ” Product Key Redeemed Successfully” so you can start the download. If you are facing any problems then contact our customer helpline or live chat with us for quick support.



Step by Step McAfee Activation and Installation Online

Are you a new McAfee user? Follow the instructions provided below or given on your retail card

  1. If you have McAfee Retail Card with valid 25 digit product key code or PIN then first visit activation link activate 
  2. Enter your McAfee Activate code correctly along with your valid Email address.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and proceed with McAfee account creation.
  4. If you have successfully created an account then log in and start your recently activated McAfee download and installation online.

If you are Existing McAfee User then below are the step by step guide for you.





a) Please confirm that the 25 digit product key or PIN on your card/email is valid.

b) Open the web address that is given on your Retail Card.

c) Now, enter the activation code correctly.

d) Use the same email address that you used with your old McAfee product for registration.

e) If your email address is correct then it will ask to enter your McAfee Account password.

f) If all goes well then you can see the screen with the option to download or you can also download it from your account.




Do you have any of the problem’s below with your McAfee Product? Check our Expert’s solution.

a) McAfee Activation code is redeemed on the incorrect email address or getting the error of country and language?

Solution: In that case, you need contact McAfee customer service to update your working email address.

b) Don’t you have correct McAfee Account password?

Solution: Click on forget password so you will receive password reset link at your registered email with McAfee.

c) Geeting an error of Invalid McAfee activate code?

Solution: Make sure you entered a correct key code. For example, Some time the number “5” look alike the letter “S” or the number “2” looks like “Z” so keep trying these combinations because these all are the printing issues of McAfee cards that rarely happens.


Still, don’t know what to do and need an expert assistance to Install and Activate/McAfee Antivirus products? We are always here to help and guide you, Just start a live chat or call the toll free helpline for quick support.


Need Expert’s Help for McAfee Activate?

 Step by Step McAfee Activation Guide Over the Phone or Live Chat by Experts.


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+44 800-098-8571

United Kingdom


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Complete PC Protection by Intel Security Products

Now, these days the online viruses, spyware and also the internet hackers can easily target the online computer users. So if you don’t have a complete security installed or configured on your computers then try to get one. Intel Security offers great products like McAfee Total Protection, Internet security, live safe, and also Antivirus plus etc which can provide a complete protection like E-mail protection, firewall, parental control and inbuilt PC Tune-up on your PC’s, Laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

What is McAfee Retail Card?

McAfee Security retail card is the easiest way to proceed for McAfee Activate and also download and installation online. Because it will ensure that you install the most recent version of Security Product. You just need a valid 25 Digit product key to install antivirus online just following a simple web address into your web browser.

Experts guide to follow before your McAfee Activation and Installation.

  1. Remove all the unwanted and conflicting programs from your computer
  2. Update your operating system to the latest updates and make sure the updates are installing successfully
  3. Clean up the junk files and temporary files from your computer operating system.
  4. Check your system configuration is meet the minimum system requirements

Still having issues with McAfee Activate or Installation? Let us help you online

Also, In some cases McAfee Activate didn’t work due to, your internet browsers issues but don’t worry We are here to Perform a free Diagnosis online on your Internet Browser, And If there are any unwanted add-ons or internet browser is already infected with lot adware popups then we can remove it for you and then do the McAfee Activation, download, installation & complete configuration of your Retail Card Security product..

Get help for PC Software and Security Product

Our experts can also help you for your Norton Setup, AVG Retail Registration, and Microsoft Office Setup or If you have any other PC software or Security product then will help you with its activation and installation online. Just make sure you have valid 25 digit activation key with you before contacting us.

To Activate & Download Please follow the below web address as per of your Product Version
A single link to proceed with McAfee Activate
Activate website for McAfee MAV Retailcard ( Antivirus Plus )
Activate website for McAfee MLS Retailcard ( Live Safe )
Activate website for McAfee MTP Retailcard ( Total Protection )
Activate website for McAfee MIS Retailcard ( Internet Security )

Call US Toll Free Or Live Chat With us If you need Online Help & Support for Retail Card Activation & Installation.

How to Activate McAfee Security Online at activate?

If you want to activate McAfee product online. Then you will require a valid 25 digit activation code and after that need to follow the web address that is given by McAfee in instruction. While proceeding with McAfee Activate it might ask you to login to your McAfee account. If you are a new user then just create a new account with your valid email address. Sometime it may show you the message like this card has already been redeemed. In that case, enter the same email address that you used when you redeemed your retail card for the first time. If you forgot you McAfee Account password then just reset it and create a new password. Don’t know how to do this? then contact us here via chat or by phone and will help you with McAfee Activate or install process.

How to reset your McAfee Account Password?

If you want to reset your McAfee account password then just visit Once you are on the login screen then click on forgot the password. It will ask you to enter the email address associated with your McAfee Account. Enter the same email address and then click on submit. Now you will receive an email regarding your password reset instruction along with the link to click on. Once you have created your new password then just use that password to activate your McAfee Retail Card online.

Why Choose McAfee Security for your Online & Offline life on the computer?

McAfee Security has all those features which can protect your computer from daily internet threats and from internet hackers and it not only secure you but also it have some great features like PC Optimization, Family protection, Email Protection etc. It is a proven security in the market at such affordable cost to any computer user. If you are facing any technical issues with your Antivirus Security like with Activation, Installation. or with the scanning then please don’t hesitate to contact our helpline via phone and online live chat.

What are the security products provided by McAfee for PC?

McAfee is part of Intel security. And the top product for PC’s is McAfee Live Safe, Total Protection, Internet Security, Antivirus Plus. In all those products Total Protection is the best seller and also lower in cost. It can Protect your most private files with encryption software. Use the True Key™ app to safely store all usernames and passwords.Block annoying and dangerous emails with Anti-SPAM. Keep your kids safe with parental controls. Protect every device* you own the same subscription at no extra cost. If you want to compare the features or want to buy one of the product online then please Visit

Why my McAfee Installation is getting failed?

Don’t worry, we can surely help with it and provide you the appropriate reason behind it. In most of the cases, McAfee Installation gets failed only because of some operating systems issues related to updates, junk files, conflicting software’s etc. We have some free tips given below to get successful McAfee installation. Please check it carefully and follow it. or else contact us and will do the complete check for you online.

  • Make sure you don’t have any other conflicting program installed on your computer
  • Make Sure your system has a sufficient free space on the hard drive
  • Make sure there are no temporary files present in your system
  • Make sure you have latest windows updates installed successfully
  • Make sure you have a good internet download speed
  • Make sure your computer has enough memory or RAM to install Antivirus
  • Make sure the internet explorer is your default browser. ( In some cases its required )

Do you want us to help you with McAfee Activate and the entire process of installation? Please chat with one of our tech experts online or just call our toll free helpline for instant assistance.

To Activate and Download McAfee Security Online Please follow the below web address as per of your Product Version.

Redeem & Activate All versions of McAfee Products Online
Activation website for Antivirus Plus Retail card
Activation Website website for Live Safe Security
Activation website for Total Protection
Activation website for Internet Security

Call US Toll Free Or Live Chat With us If you need Online Help & Support for Retail Card Activation & Installation.


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